Initiatives to Preserve the History of Uzbekistan

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The Art and Culture Development Foundation of Uzbekistan is creating the first museum to commemorate the Jadidism movement in the Hovli Poyon House in Bukhara.

This building, constructed in the 1860s and 1870s in the Goziyon area adjacent to the Gaukushan Madrasah, was owned by a famous intellectual, Usmankhuja Pulatkhujayev, who was one of the foremost proponents of Central Asian Jadidism. One of the first modern-style schools was founded here, where students were educated in their native language, mathematics, history, geography, and other topics for free.

It is planned to conduct the necessary restoration work in the well-preserved ancient part of the house.

The museum’s display will include manuscripts and personal items belonging to people associated with the movement, and a special multimedia system will be used to tell the story of Jadidism.

It is planned to open a research center at the museum. Scientists will have access to materials and archives for their studies.

One of the initiators of the museum’s establishment, Timur Khuja, the son of Usmankhuja Pulatkhujayev, will donate his extensive library, which includes ancient valuable manuscripts and a large collection of modern literature, to the foundation.

Nazokat Usmanova, UzA

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