Work on the Transformation of the Water Supply System in Tashkent Begins

UZA News

Tashkent held an event to mark the start of a joint venture with the French company SUEZ to revamp the water supply system.

At the gathering organized by Toshkent Shahar Suv Ta’minoti LLC, it was mentioned that the groundwork for the collaboration was established four years ago. SUEZ was chosen as a partner since it is a renowned international corporation with 160 years of experience in global water management. The contract titled “Plan for a Major Overhaul of the Water Supply System of the City of Tashkent”, which is expected to be carried out for seven years, includes the following:

• Install 650,000 smart meters;

• Modernize lab equipment for comprehensive studies to enhance water quality;

• Install water quality monitoring sensors in the branches of the water supply company and the network. This will increase control and ensure it in real-time;

• Develop a mobile app to serve customers efficiently;

• Quickly detect water leaks, and optimize energy consumption at water and sewage pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants.

Nazokat Usmanova, UzA

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