Grand Prize and Winners of the Melon Festival in Khiva Revealed

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The Tourism Committee and the Hokimiyat of Khorezm region recently held the “Qovun Sayli” (Melon Festival) in the old city of Khiva from August 11 to 13. Representatives from 12 regions, 11 districts, and 2 cities gathered to take part in the event, which featured 66 pavilions spread across 40 hectares. Guests were able to sample melons from each region of the country, as well as other fruits and vegetables, confectionery, beekeeping products, handicrafts, and animal husbandry and fishing products.

The pavilions were judged on their design and creativity, the assortment and size of melons, products made from them, theatrical, stage, and historical performances, presentations of gastronomic tourism services, service culture, promotional materials, and performances by folklore groups. In the end, Khiva won the Grand Prix, which was a “Gentra” car, and Koshkupir district of Khorezm region won the first place prize, a “Nexia 3” car. Tashkent region was awarded the second place prize, a “Spark” car, and Yangibazar district of Khorezm region won the third place prize, a “Damas” car.

Additionally, winners were determined in the categories of “For achieving the highest income and productivity in melon growing”, “Restoration of ancient traditional varieties of Khorezm melons”, “For growing the best export melons”, “For introducing innovative technologies in melon growing”, and “A region, growing most types of gourds”. The festival drew in more than 2 thousand foreign guests and around 100 thousand local tourists to Khorezm region.

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