Vobkent Tola Cluster LLC: Output Expanding Year-on-Year

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During a Presidential visit to the Bukhara region, several textile businesses were launched. Vobkent Tola Cluster in Vabkent district of Bukhara region is one of the most extensive industrial facilities. During the visit, the Head of State initiated the launch of a new direction for the company. The first stage saw the establishment of yarn production, and the next step involves the supply of fabric and finished products.

In recent years, cotton-textile clusters have become an integral part of society. Most of the projects initiated during the President’s visit to Bukhara region were part of clusters. Vobkent Tola Cluster LLC, formed by Bukhoro Global Megatex and Bukhoro Agrocluster in Vabkent district, has set ambitious goals.

“Inspired by the reforms introduced by the Head of our state, we began modernization,” says the head of the company, Abdulaziz Sultanov. “The total cost of the project is $500 million, and the annual production capacity has increased to 10 thousand tons of yarn. This has created 700 jobs.”

The company has several export contracts with Turkey and some European countries and plans to set up production of fabrics and finished products. This project will employ more than 1,000 women. Work is underway to further expand the company’s activities with the participation of foreign specialists.

“I have been working in Uzbekistan for sixteen years,” says Ali Sial, a technologist at a Pakistani enterprise. “My job is quality control. Our products are exported to Turkey, China, Russia, and Europe. We are planning to further expand our work in this direction.”

It is noteworthy that each project launched during the visit of the President created specific jobs for hundreds of Bukharians. This will increase the material well-being of families and improve their living conditions.

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