Uzbekistan Creates Comprehensive Program to Strengthen Resistance to Natural Disasters and Climate Change

UZA News

The Uzbekistan Cabinet of Ministers has authorized a resolution to devise a National Action Plan to bolster the nation’s ability to survive natural disasters and climate change from 2023 to 2030. The resolution encompasses threats such as earthquakes, landslides and rockfalls, strong winds, avalanches, drought, mudflows, floods, natural fires, and man-made risks connected to natural phenomena.

The National Action Plan is intended to construct a thorough set of measures to improve Uzbekistan’s resilience to natural disasters and climate change. The plan involves the development of new legal standards, national and regional strategies, increased local authority involvement and responsibility, risk identification and assessment, public education, and the attraction of public and private investments to take necessary actions. Additionally, the production of emergency rescue and other special equipment through public-private partnerships will be localized.

The National Action Plan also incorporates a roadmap with 26 main activities.


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