Uzbekistan Delegation Learns About Cotton Industry and Seed Production in Spain

UZA News

Uzbekistan representatives investigated the best practices in the cotton industry and seed production while in Spain.

During the visit, the delegation had a meeting with the leaders of the leading Spanish companies in innovative seed production Eurosemillas, Dafisa, Valenzuela y Cía. Varieties of cotton that are resilient to intense heat and drought, created by Spanish companies, were presented.

In collaboration with the Research Institute of Breeding, Seed Production and Cotton Cultivation and the Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics, an agreement was made to test the most suitable and high-yielding cotton varieties for the climate of Uzbekistan and create hybrid varieties with local varieties based on them, as well as in cooperation with Center for Crops and Sowing Seeds to create a cotton seed station.

The delegation also had a meeting with the leadership of AGQ Labs International, one of the leading companies in Spain, providing laboratory services in agriculture, food, environment, mining, and healthcare. The Uzbekistan representatives learned about the company’s capabilities, which are equipped with modern laboratory equipment and patented analysis methods.

Following the talks, an agreement was reached on constructing a joint laboratory center in cooperation with the Research Institute of Selection, Seed Production and Agricultural Technology of Cotton Growing in Uzbekistan.

The delegation also visited the Hydrographic Confederation of the Guadalquivir River during the trip. At the meeting, the Confederation’s experts presented the management of the Guadalquivir river basin, which provides irrigation water for all cotton crops in Spain, and an irrigation system to supply water to cotton growers and cooperatives.


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