Uzbekistan and India Aim to Establish a State-of-the-Art Cancer Center in Samarkand

UZA News

A videoconference was held between representatives of the Embassy of Uzbekistan, the Hokimiyat of Samarkand region, and the Indian company Stemz Healthcare. During the discussion, the parties explored the possibility of a joint venture to build a modern cancer center in Samarkand.

Rustam Kobilov, Deputy Hokim of Samarkand region, highlighted the favorable conditions in Uzbekistan for international cooperation in the medical sector, particularly the medical infrastructure and healthcare institutions, and the potential of Samarkand industry professionals.

Raman Sodhi, CEO of Stemz Healthcare, expressed interest in collaborating with Uzbekistan’s medical institutions and mentioned that they are currently looking into the organizational matters and future prospects of the joint clinic.

The proposed oncology center would be equipped with cutting-edge technology, staffed by highly qualified specialists, and structural work would be implemented to improve the skills of Uzbek medical personnel.

The parties agreed to organize a visit of the Indian company’s delegation to Samarkand soon. UzA

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