The Qovun Sayli Melon Festival is held in historic Khiva

UZA News

The Qovun Sayli Melon Festival has opened in historic Khiva. Representatives from farms, government agencies, and private organizations from a number of regions and cities are in attendance, and 66 pavilions have been set up on 40 hectares.

The festival offers a variety of melon varieties, such as “Gurvak”, “Qilichboy Beshak”, “Qari Qiz”, “Tuya Qovun”, “To’yona”, “Ola Zamcha”, “Khorazm Oq Novvoti”, “Ko’k Gulobi”, “Bo’rikalla”, and more. Guests can also explore pavilions displaying fruits and vegetables, confectionery, crafts, animal husbandry, and fishing exhibitions.

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