The President of Uzbekistan had a discussion with young footballers and experts in the field

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The President of Uzbekistan visited the Football Teams Center under construction in Yuqorichirchiq district.

The center is being built in partnership with FIFA. A stadium with 8,000 seats has already been constructed. Plans are in place to construct seven additional training fields, a beach soccer field, a mini-football arena, a swimming pool, a rehabilitation complex, and hostels.

In his talks with specialists in the field, topics such as recruiting a qualified technical director from abroad and developing the entire football structure were discussed. Instructions were given to set up regional bases in Karakalpakstan, Kashkadarya, Jizzakh, Namangan, and Tashkent, to refine the coaching school.

The President paid particular attention to encouraging football among young people and creating the necessary conditions for it.

“Football is a popular sport in Uzbekistan. We can say that nine out of ten people are interested in it. Taking advantage of this popularity, football needs to be drastically developed. For example, our country has 10 thousand schools, 208 districts, and cities. So, what will football be like at school, in mahalla, in teams? What should we do so children who love football can make a career in this sphere? Thirdly, we need to consider what young people who have completed their football career will do and what additional profession to teach them”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The Head of state also conversed with young footballers.

“Our people love football a lot. Football is like a “family friend”. We all watch our national team’s performances with pride and great enthusiasm. In the family, you are the children of your parents, and on the field, you are the children of all our people. Always remember this”, the President said.

The importance of instilling a sense of patriotism among footballers was highlighted.

“Football players travel around the world, play for foreign teams. They should be well-versed in the history and conditions of Uzbekistan. They are our goodwill ambassadors, a role model for children”, the Head of state said.

The issues of developing football medicine and rehabilitation in the country based on advanced world achievements were also discussed.


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