President Mirziyoyev Visits Alutex Factory in Tashkent

UZA News

On July 21, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev paid a visit to the Alutex enterprise in Tashkent’s Sergeli district.

In Uzbekistan, a great deal of attention is being devoted to the development of renewable energy. Specifically, a large-scale project for the installation of solar panels has been set in motion. This has increased the demand for aluminum profiles.

In May of this year, Alutex LLC commenced a venture to manufacture aluminum profiles for windows and solar panels. The company is able to produce 30 thousand tons of aluminum profiles of over 350 types each year.

The Head of state got acquainted with the production process and products of the plant.

“We are planning to build solar and wind stations with the world’s leading companies with a total capacity of more than 15 gigawatts”. Green energy is a ready market with great potential for our producers. Quality is the only main demand”, the President stated.

The firm has modern equipment from Italy, South Korea, and Türkiye. As a result, 400 new jobs were created. The production of an additional 130 new types of aluminum profiles will start in September. Products will be exported abroad as well as for import substitution.


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