The National Bank of Uzbekistan’s Role in the Production of Rishtan Ceramics

UZA News

It is common for Uzbek households to have dishes decorated with the iconic pakhtagul (cotton flower) pattern. The Tashkent Porcelain Factory’s iconic designs were popular among locals and customers from neighboring countries alike. The Uzbek table would be incomplete without this beloved symbol, which is why the demand for these dishes with the blooming cotton design is high in the domestic market. It is heartening to know that production of these items is now not just in the capital, but also in Rishtan district of Fergana region.

As part of the current initiatives, Rishtan ceramics are becoming increasingly popular in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, and the CIS. The ties between artisans and entrepreneurs from the US, Japan, Italy, and Turkey are growing more robust every year. Thanks to ceramic products and porcelain, Rishtan now has a place of its own in the domestic and foreign markets. The many businesses dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic products in the national style are a major factor in the recognition of the “Uzbek brand”, which is attracting tourists to this type of art. Pottery is playing an important role in job creation, improving the population’s welfare, and increasing the export potential in the region.

“The production process of our products involves several stages, including both machine and manual labor. The cotton pattern is applied by hand,” says manager Nodira Qodirova. “The colorful ornament is popular among tourists. Foreign visitors find our bowls and plates for serving national dishes to be unique and interesting. The Rishtan ceramic school is very well-known and has extensive experience in producing porcelain products. The National Bank of Uzbekistan has made a significant contribution to the success in this field. Thanks to its financial support, production volumes are growing and the range of products is expanding.”


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