The International Pop Art Festival “Melodies of the World” provided lasting memories

UZA News

Khanabad, Andijan in Uzbekistan held the International Pop Art Festival “Melodies of the World”.

Performers and pop music groups from different countries took part in the festival and showcased their art. The extraordinary performances of pop stars and the various activities held within the festival left a long-lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Exhibitions of artisans’ works from different regions of the country were also organized, which drew great interest from the guests. A fashion show was also held during the festival, featuring unique traditional and modern clothing.

Attendees and spectators were enthralled by the performances of the world-famous bands Akcent and Fly Project.

The International Pop Art Festival “Melodies of the World”, full of lasting memories and vibrant events, concluded after taking place for the first time in Khanabad.


F. Ubaydullayev, UzA

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