The International Pop Art Festival “Melodies of the World” Begins in Khanabad, Andijan

UZA News

The International Pop Art Festival “Melodies of the World” has commenced in Khanabad, the most picturesque region of Andijan.

Musicians and performers from Russia, France, Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Greece, and Serbia are taking part in the event.

Creative teams and artisans from the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the territories of Uzbekistan are displaying their unique art at the venues allocated for them – in the pavilions situated on the grounds of the Central Park of Culture and Recreation of the city of Khanabad.

At the festival, each area of Uzbekistan will showcase its potential in art, tourism, and handicrafts.


Fakhriddin Ubaydullayev, UzA

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