The Hokimiyat of Navoi region held talks with Diaclinica, a Turkish medical company, on establishing a laboratory in the region

UZA News

The Hokim of Navoi, Normat Tursunov, and the head of the Turkish firm, Mehmet Emin, met with the Hokimiyat to discuss the possibility of setting up a modern laboratory in the region that would meet international standards and foster medical cooperation.

Mr. Tursunov expressed his willingness to provide any help and support.

At the end of the talks, agreements were reached on bringing Turkish investments into the region’s medical sector.

Diaclinica, founded in 2002, is based in Istanbul and produces diagnostic reagents and kits under the Bioanalytes brand. The company has opened a branch in Navoi and is now importing high-tech equipment to build a centralized laboratory.


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