The 1st Asian Open Championship “Zakovat” is underway

UZA News

Uzbekistan is hosting the International Intellectual Tournament – the 1st Asian Open Championship in “Zakovat”. Competitors from around the world have come to show their skills.

The tournament has attracted 55 teams from 14 countries: Uzbekistan, Russia, Israel, Cyprus, Germany, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, UAE, Latvia, Denmark, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

The participants will be competing in the sports version of the game “Zakovat” and the brain ring.

Organizers have announced that the winners will be awarded the following cash prizes:

1st place: 100 million UZS;

2nd place: 60 million UZS; 

3rd place: 40 million UZS.

In addition, the champion team will receive a Cup of the 1st Asian Open Championship.

The closing ceremony of the tournament will take place today, August 13, at 20:00 in the Uzbekfilm pavilion.

Gulnoza Boboyeva, photos by Davron Ernazarov, UzA

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