Tashkent Tractor Plant boosts its performance

UZA News

The President of Uzbekistan visited the Chirchiq cluster of agricultural engineering and was introduced to the universal arable and cotton-growing tractor manufactured there.

Azizbek Mukhiddinov, Director General of Tashkent Tractor Plant, reported on the results of the trip. He stated: “This innovation in the field is the four-wheeled universal tractor TAT DF 904 with a capacity of 90 horsepower, which is our national brand. It is capable of performing agrotechnical activities from plowing and processing fields to transporting goods, and meets all environmental standards. We surveyed the needs of many dehkans and farmers while creating it. So far, 100 tractors of this brand have been produced, 40 of which have been exported to Kazakhstan. The Head of state examined our tractor and gave his opinion. We are deeply honored and confident in our aspirations.”

The President of the country also provided advice on setting up service centers, providing free education for young people, and delivering quality services, using the example of Tashkent region. This issue was not randomly chosen. The use of modern technology in sectoral farms leads to an increase in the volume of grown fruits and vegetables and other crops. We will now organize on-site services, and if necessary, we will invite specialists to our place and help them gain experience. Our plant has a modern training center and an opportunity to train 1200 students. Together with the educational centers of the companies Deula, Festo, AASSE, Carl Zeiss, Hexagon of Germany, and Sweden, an educational process has been established through continuous dual training. Cluster employees, workers, and students of dealer and service centers are involved in practical exercises.

A.Musayev, photos O.Mirsagatov, UzA

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