Striking murals discovered during the renovation of the Republican Children’s Library

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The Republican Children’s Library is preparing to reopen its doors in Tashkent. The restoration of the 130-year-old building began in September 2020, according to the Saint Petersburg Architectural Bureau Ludi Architects project, the Art and Culture Development Foundation of Uzbekistan reports.

During the interior decoration of the library, striking murals were discovered. The workers removed more than 7 layers of paint that were covering the wall art. It was determined that the drawings were from the 1960s.

For the mural’s careful restoration and preservation, hereditary restorers from the Mesa company (Türkiye) were brought in. Professor Münevver Üçer, Associate Professor Kaya Üçer, and restorer Elif Naz Üçer have already started work. Previously, the restoration team worked on restoring ceiling paintings in the Topkapi Palace, the Hagia Sophia and Süleymaniye mosques in Istanbul, and other cultural heritage sites.

“According to the information obtained during the restoration work, the drawings were made with oil paint on the wall’s surface, made from a mixture of straw and clay dried in the sun. This material is known as kerpiç in Türkiye or adobe in Uzbekistan. Combining adobe with oil paints made it possible to create spectacular murals that have survived. We plan to analyze paint-layer fragments in a restoration laboratory in Türkiye. This will allow us to draw more accurate conclusions about the found murals’ attribution, ” notes Associate Professor Kaya Üçer.

“Perhaps the striking murals were painted over due to fading of colors or visible external damage. Another possibility is a change in the interior of the room. In any case, this solution helped preserve the images. During the restoration, we plan to use traditional methods, adapting them to the unique colors and pictorial technique of this work, to maintain the authentic character of the work. Our goal is to repair the damage and provide the preserved paintings with adequate protection”, commented Professor Münevver Üçer.

It will be possible to view the restored striking murals in early September when the Republican Children’s Library will open its doors to visitors.

The Architectural Bureau from Saint Petersburg Ludi Architects developed the reconstruction project. Since 2005, it has been involved in developing architectural and urban concepts, building design, and landscape design of urban areas and public spaces. The bureau specializes in working with museums and buildings of cultural objects, particularly libraries and book funds.

Nazokat Usmanova, UzA

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