South Korea Enhances Containment Strategies for African Swine Fever


On Wednesday, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of South Korea announced that it will take all available measures to contain the African swine fever (ASF) as the number of cases at local pig farms is increasing. Nine outbreaks have been registered this year, the latest one occurring in Cheorwon, 85 kilometers north of Seoul.

Experts were sent to the area to eliminate infected pigs and carry out disinfection activities. A 48-hour standstill order was also imposed in nine regions near Cheorwon, restricting the movement of vehicles and personnel.

It is important to note that the virus is not harmful to humans, but it is fatal to pigs. Currently, there is no vaccine or treatment for the disease.

The ministry declared that it is utilizing all available resources, such as 52 vehicles, including spray trucks and water sprinklers, to disinfect pig farms and nearby roads. It also urged local farms to strictly adhere to disinfection protocols, particularly in light of the increased vulnerability of pig farms due to the heavy rains.

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