Second International Conference to Promote Improvement of Hissor Breed of Sheep to Take Place in Dushanbe

Khovar News

DUSHANBE, 20.07.2023 (NIAT Khovar) – An international scientific and practical conference focusing on the progress made in improving the Hissor breed of sheep and its contribution to creating new breeds and types will be held in Dushanbe on July 28.

The event will continue on July 29 in the Khoja Sanghok area of the Ziddi rural commuty of Varzob district.

The conference will be attended by both domestic and foreign experts and researchers in the field, including state and private breeding and sheep farms.

An exhibition of Hissor sheep is also scheduled to take place during the event. Prizes and awards will be presented to the winners of the exhibition, such as diplomas and souvenirs.

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