Samsung to Launch AI-Powered Food Platform at IFA 2023


Samsung Electronics Co. announced on Thursday that they will be debuting a new, integrated food platform at IFA 2023 next month. The platform, known as Samsung Food, is designed to make meal preparations easier and faster with its 160,000 recipes, tips for a healthy diet, personalized food recommendations, and more.

Samsung Food is powered by artificial intelligence and combines and upgrades the food-related applications and functions already embedded in Samsung kitchen gadgets. Park Chan-woo, head of Samsung’s Home Internet of Things Business, explained, “We get to launch this new service, by integrating our food-related solutions that we’ve been building up and offering. Foods take up a significant portion of people’s daily lives.”

Smart kitchen appliances with AI capabilities have become increasingly popular, as people search for easy recipes online and share their cooking processes on social media. Samsung Food allows users to skip a step or two when cooking, as Samsung devices are already integrated into the platform without the need for individual setting processes.

The platform also offers social media functions, where people can share their cooking processes and stories, and exchange recipes. Samsung Food will be available in 104 nations in eight languages, on Aug. 31, and the company hopes to have 1 million active users by the end of the year.

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