Samsung to Showcase Advanced Chip Technologies at Memory Tech Day 2023


SEOUL, Aug. 10 (Yonhap) — Samsung Electronics Co. declared Thursday that the Memory Tech Day 2023 will take place in October in San Jose, California, giving tech experts and industry professionals from around the world a chance to learn about the company’s most recent chip innovations and products.

The event will start with a speech from Han Jin-man, president of Samsung’s U.S. semiconductor business.

The South Korean tech giant uses the annual event to present its plans for chip production and development. At last year’s event, Samsung unveiled its fifth-generation 10nm-class (1b) DRAM, as well as eighth- and ninth-generation Vertical NAND (V-NAND), which it stated demonstrated its “determination to keep on delivering the most powerful combination of memory technologies over the next decade.”

Samsung also revealed plans to manufacture 1b DRAM in 2023, which it said would “bring new abilities to data centers, as well as the high-performance computing, mobile, gaming and automotive market segments.”

Samsung's chip campus in Pyeongtaek, 60 kilometers south of Seoul, is seen in this file photo provided by Samsung Electronics Co. on Sept. 7, 2022. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

DRAM is a type of volatile semiconductor memory that preserves data as long as power is supplied, and is generally used in personal computers, workstations and servers.

Samsung declared that it plans to mass-produce its ninth-generation V-NAND by 2024 and stack over 1,000 layers of cells by 2030. The eighth-generation V-NAND, which is currently the company’s most advanced one, has 236 layers. Increasing the number of layers increases storage capacity and requires more advanced technologies.

NAND flash is a type of non-volatile storage that does not require power to store data.

Although the chip industry is still in a slump, chipmakers have been striving to secure a leading position in the field of high-performance and high-capacity semiconductors that are increasingly sought-after in the AI era.

SK hynix, the world’s second-largest memory chip maker, revealed Wednesday that it has developed the world’s first NAND flash with more than 300 layers. At the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, the world’s biggest annual conference for the NAND Flash industry, SK hynix unveiled a sample of its 321-layer 4D NAND flash.

“(The 321-layer NAND) comes with a 59 percent improvement in productivity, compared with the earlier generation of 238-layer 512Gb,” it said, “thanks to the technology development that enables the stacking of more cells and larger storage capacity on a single chip.”

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