Renault Korea Workers Tentatively Approve 2023 Wage Agreement


On Wednesday, Renault Korea Motors announced that its unionized workers had come to a tentative agreement on wages for the year. As part of the agreement, the company said it will give a 100,000 won (US$80) raise in basic pay, 3.5 million won in cash bonuses, and a 200,000 won gift certificate per person.

“It is now time for all company members to commit to the plan under preparation, taking into account competitiveness criteria in our decisions,” said Renault Korea CEO Stephane Deblaise in a statement.

Renault Korea is the South Korean branch of Renault S.A. Between January and June, the French carmaker’s vehicle sales decreased 15 percent to 64,847 units from 76,156 in the same period of the previous year. Domestic sales dropped 53 percent to 12,270 units in the first six months from 26,230, while exports rose 5.3 percent to 52,577 from 49,926.

Unionized workers at Renault Korea will vote on the tentative wage agreement on July 21.

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