Products from Muynak’s Ajiniyoz Yaylovlari Cooperative Exported to Kazakhstan

UZA News

The Ajiniyoz Yaylovlari cooperative of Muynak district in the Qiziljar massif has seen success in improving pasture fertility and developing animal husbandry. This year, they harvested 15 hectares of melons and watermelons, 3 hectares of pumpkins, and 1 hectare of potatoes. 20 tons of melons and watermelons were shipped to Aktau, Kazakhstan, and an additional 60-70 tons are expected to be exported next week.

Nafisa Bayniyazova, the head of the cooperative, explains that the soil in this region is virgin, so no fertilization is necessary for the melons and watermelons. She adds, “The quality of the harvest depends on the composition and structure of the soil.”

 Dovud Abibullayev, UzA

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