President Mirziyoyev Visits Samarkand State University’s Biochemical Institute

UZA News

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev made a trip to the Biochemical Institute of Samarkand State University, which is home to more than 25 thousand students. The Institute was formed this year due to the merger of the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Chemistry, and seven new buildings were constructed to accommodate it, including two academic buildings with over a thousand seats, a meeting room, a greenhouse, a vivarium, a laboratory for biological research, a herbarium for botanical research, and a student canteen.

The President was apprised of the Institute’s plans to manufacture new varieties of selective anticancer drugs using chemical alteration of oncological drugs. He also gave instructions on the organization of foreign internships for the Institute’s staff, the production of pharmaceutical and chemical products, and the generation of new varieties of cotton, grapes, and wheat.

The Head of state also examined the conditions of classrooms, greenhouses, and scientific laboratories and conversed with professors and teachers. At present, the Biochemical Institute educates 2.8 thousand students in 8 areas of education, and the University has a total of 12 scientific and 67 educational laboratories.


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