Mother of girl hit by son of district head in Kazakhstan fined

AKIpress News Agency

AKIPRESS.COM – The mother of a 14-year-old girl who was hit by the son of the district head in Pavlodar region has been fined in Kazakhstan. This information comes from the decision made by the specialized interdistrict court for minors in the region, as reported by According to the report, the mother was held responsible for not fulfilling her parental duties.

The court determined that a student in sixth grade at School No. 8 was on his way to a physics class when he ran into a girl from seventh grade and her friend. They blocked his path, made fun of his appearance and clothing, prevented him from passing, and took his water bottle. In response, the boy hit the seventh-grade student in the face.

The court also noted that there had been conflicts between the students while working on a science project, but these did not result in physical violence, according to the resolution.

After considering all the circumstances, the court found the girl guilty of minor hooliganism. As a result, her mother was fined 51,688 tenge ($115) for not fulfilling her parental responsibilities.

Previously, it was reported that the sixth-grade student involved in the incident was the son of the district head in Pavlodar region. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan.

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