More Than 30,000 Tons of Asphalt Used for Reconstruction of Dushanbe-Chanok Road

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DUSHANBE, 12.07.2023 (NIAT Khovar) – In the current season, Innovative Road Solutions LTD JSC in Tajikistan decided to utilize more than 30,000 tons of asphalt for the repair and improvement of the Dushanbe-Chanok road.

2 million square meters of the Dushanbe-Chanok road were renovated and reconstructed, with over 250,000 tons of asphalt used for this purpose.

Repair and reconstruction is one of the main activities of the company in Tajikistan.

In the summertime, repair works began in the regions of Varzob, Zarafshon and Sughd. Professional specialists, modern equipment and mechanisms are being used for the repair of the road. The asphalt production enterprises belonging to the company’s industry are playing a major role in this.

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