Mayor’s office reports on number of objects damaged by windstorm

AKIpress News Agency

AKIPRESS.COM – A scheduled meeting was held at the Bishkek mayor’s office with Mayor Aibek Junushaliev. During the meeting, a report was presented on the actions taken during the state of emergency declared after the windstorm on March 28th.

The Head of the Emergency Situations Department in Bishkek, Ernis Jusupov, provided information on the extent of damage to various objects. According to the report, the windstorm with gusts of 26 m/s caused damage to 42 residential buildings, 6 medical facilities, 35 social facilities, 13 vehicles, and 101 other objects including shops, baths, power lines, transformers, and utility systems.

The recovery work on these objects is being carried out by the relevant city services. Individual attention will be given to each affected vehicle.

The state of emergency in Bishkek will remain in effect until all consequences of the windstorm have been resolved.

The aftermath of the windstorm in Bishkek is expected to be resolved by the evening, with a total of 154 objects damaged in Bishkek and the Chui region within just 30 minutes. Additionally, 8 power outages in Bishkek were addressed overnight following the windstorm.

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