Main developments in the sports domain in Uzbekistan

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The Republic of Uzbekistan under the guidance of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is making significant progress in the field of sports. Popular sports such as football, volleyball, boxing, kurash, chess, tennis, weightlifting, and athletics are being promoted. The “Olympiad of Five Initiatives” program is being implemented to encourage physical activity among the younger generation.

Additionally, plans for developing mass sports, ethnosports, and gymnastics are being discussed. For instance, the “Olympiad of Five Initiatives” program is planned to be expanded from 9 to 12 sports, with the inclusion of the disabled in 5 sports. An international tournament of riders is proposed to be held in different regions of the country. Martial arts sections are proposed to be opened in all sports schools.

Furthermore, the Presidential Resolution “On measures to promote and develop types of ethnosport” was adopted on May 25, 2022. This resolution states that an International Ethnosport Festival will be held in Khiva every two years. The first festival is scheduled to take place from September 7-10 this year.

Additionally, gymnastic training centers are being organized in Nukus, Samarkand, and Fergana cities. These centers will begin operating from the 2024/2025 academic year and will provide students with the most advanced methods of training athletes, dietology, and convenient transportation to classes.

All in all, Uzbekistan is making great strides in the sports domain.

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