Renowned Suzani Artist Madina Kasimbaeva

UZA News

The Homo Faber Guide recently featured Madina Kasimbaeva, a well-known suzani master in their “Uzbek Chapter”. She began her embroidery journey at a young age and has since dedicated her life to honing the traditional patterns and techniques particular to her area. Kasimbaeva opened her workshop “Suzani by Kasimbaeva” in 2006 and has since gained the admiration of style icons and museums around the world. Her creations are sought-after and she has even designed garments for celebrities. Madina Kasimbaeva combines old-fashioned and modern in her embroidery of clothing and accessories, using only natural dyes and finding ways to make the process more efficient. To learn more about Madina Kasimbaeva and the art of suzani, visit the Homo Faber Guide, thanks to the Art and Culture Development Foundation under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. N.Usmanova, UzA

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