LG introduces second-generation multimodal AI model for professional use


SEOUL, July 19 (Yonhap) — LG AI Research, the artificial intelligence lab of LG Group, unveiled its second-generation giant, multimodal AI model Wednesday, to strengthen its presence in the competitive global AI market.

The EXAONE 2.0 is faster and more efficient, and consumes less energy than its predecessor, which was launched in December 2021, said Bae Kyung-hoon, head of LG AI Research, at the LG AI Talk Concert at LG Science Park in western Seoul.

EXAONE, short for expert AI for everyone, is a large, multimodal language model which can understand both language and images, and thus can generate image-to-text and vice versa. Multimodal means communicating through multiple methods.

The research center said the new version was trained on 45 million patent papers, the largest professional dataset for any AI service developing company, and 350 million images.

The current version can be used in both Korean and English, as the majority of the dataset EXAONE is trained on is in English, Bae said, and the size of the dataset is four times larger than the previous one.

Bae Kyung-hoon, chief of LG AI Research, talks at the LG AI Talk Concert at LG Science Park in western Seoul on July 19, 2023. (Yonhap)

EXAONE’s deep learning algorithm can comprehend, recognize, and predict text, and learn from massive amounts of data to provide useful solutions and answer complex questions in various fields.

The research center said EXAONE has three professional platforms: Universe, Discovery and Atelier.

EXAONE Universe is a chatbot service for professionals in the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, and financial industries, among others. This service will be available to some LG researchers on July 31.

Discovery is a platform to help create new discoveries, particularly in the bioscience sector, and reduce the time needed to conduct experiments. LG will open the service to local researchers in the fourth quarter to assist them in their research.

Atelier supports collaboration between AI and designers and artists. In September, LG partnered with the Parsons School of Design in New York to develop AI-enabled applications in design and art, and share its findings through publications and events. LG will launch the service in the third quarter.

The center also plans to launch the AI Contact Center, designed to facilitate communication between customers and agents, in the second half. It is currently in the pilot stage.

“We will make EXAONE useful in many professional applications, based on reliable data collected from professional fields,” Bae said.

While EXAONE is a business-to-business service, part of Atelier will be accessible to the general public, he added.

LG Group founded LG AI Research in 2020. Last year, the group announced that it would invest 3.6 trillion won (US$2.8 billion) in AI research and development over the next five years.

LG AI Research introduces the EXAONE 2.0 at LG Science Park in western Seoul on July 19, 2023. (Yonhap)


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