Khorezm Dance ‘Lazgi’ Thrills the Audience

UZA News

The International Pop Art Festival ‘Melodies of the World’ is still going on in Khanabad, Andijan region.

Pop music groups and performers from different parts of the world are taking part in the event, where Uzbekistan’s art, national values and customs, and its potential for tourism are being showcased, together with the artists of Uzbekistan.

On the following day of the festival, artists from the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regions presented their concert programs.

When the performers from Khorezm region, led by Ollokhshukur Kurbonnazarov, did the dance ‘Lazgi’, the song ‘There is a city of Khiva in Khorezm’ and other pieces, the spectators began to dance.

During the festival, a competition was held among the performers of the country. Sarvinoz Kamolova from Tashkent was awarded the Grand Prize. The first place was taken by Diyora Jafarova from Samarkand, the second place was shared by Sanjar Omonov from Andijan and Shokhrukh Ganiyev from Fergana, the third place was shared by Sevara Tulanova from Andijan and Bobur Urazaliyev from Tashkent.

The festival continues.


F. Ubaydullayev, photos by Z. Umurzoqov, UzA

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