Tips to Help Karnataka Students Remain Focused on Studies Despite Delay in 2021 SSLC & PUC Exam Dates

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New Delhi [India], May 22 (ANI/Oswaal Books): Karnataka Primary and Secondary Education Minister, S Suresh Kumar has clarified that no decision has been made yet regarding the cancellation of SSLC or PUC-II exams. The exams have been put off due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but no reliable information has been released about them being cancelled. Although the dates are yet to be announced, students should not wait for them and begin their preparations. To help them stay focused, here are some tips:
Tips to Remain Focused and Outperform Yourself with the Help of Studying Tools
It can be difficult for students to concentrate on their studies in the current situation. However, time does not wait for anyone and students must prepare for the future. Here are some tips to help them:
1. Take Notes in Class – Taking notes in class is important as it helps in answering tricky questions. Students should try to paraphrase what the teacher says and create their own notes for revision. This will help them more than they know.
2. Solve Sample Papers – Oswaal Books‘ Karnataka SSLC & PUC Sample Papers for Class 10 & 12 are the perfect way for students to test themselves and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Sample papers are usually drafted by toppers, so solving them can help students learn how to think on their feet, recall better and how to frame their answers correctly. It also gives them an idea of what the real question paper may entail. Timing themselves while solving the sample papers can help them simulate a real examination experience. These PUC & SSLC Sample Papers for Class 10 & 12 also come with a quick revision section called ‘On-Tips Notes’.

Here’s the recommended link for Karnataka SSLC & PUC Sample Papers Class 10 & 12:
3. Refer to Multiple Books – Students should not stick to one particular book while studying the course. Having a couple of reference books can help them get a better insight. They may also come across some important information that other books do not provide.
4. Question Banks – Question Banks consist of a number of SSLC question papers from different years in one book. Solving Oswaal Books‘ Karnataka SSLC & PUC Question Banks for Class 10 & 12 can help students prepare in the most effective and exam-oriented manner. It also helps them figure out the questioning pattern and develop an efficient and productive studying strategy.

Here’s the recommended link for Karnataka SSLC & PUC Question Banks Class 10 & 12 2021 | Previous Years Solved Question Papers:
5. Study Techniques – Mastering different studying techniques or even just one can be a great tool. Techniques like Mind Mapping, Color Coded Note making, the Feynman Technique, Leitner System, etc. can help students improve their reading, learning, comprehending and retaining skills. They should try out different techniques and see which one works best for them.
These are only 5 of the many ways that students can prepare for the Karnataka SSLC & PUC Board Exams 2021. The key is to be consistent with the studying process and to frequently check themselves. Start studying today.
This story is provided by Oswaal Books. ANI will not be responsible in any way for the content of this article. (ANI/Oswaal Books)

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