Identifying and Reducing Causes of Newborn Mortality Using Advanced Technologies

UZA News

Tashkent hosted an International Scientific Conference organized jointly by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Health, and the BGI Group. The event was attended by domestic and international experts from Russia and China. Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation Shakhlo Turdiqulova and Deputy Minister of Health Elmira Basitkhanova opened the conference.

At the conference, reports on modern technologies for the diagnosis of congenital and hereditary pathologies were heard. Foreign specialists shared their unique experiences in organizing mass perinatal diagnostics and advanced neonatal screening. Genscreen presented information about the pilot project of neonatal screening of 48 genetic diseases conducted in 14 regions of Uzbekistan, results, and problems of introducing the latest tests to diagnose the most complex genetic diseases that have not been identified.

It was noted that the exchange of experience among officials significantly increases the awareness and competence of doctors. The latest genetic technologies will be introduced to help identify and reduce the causes of newborn mortality. Mukhayyo Toshqorayeva, UzA

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