Huawei Aims to Accelerate Digitalization in Uzbekistan by Fostering a Partner Ecosystem

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Huawei, CA Distribution, and Marvel Uzbekistan recently held the Partner Summit 2023 in order to promote their partner ecosystem and speed up digitalization in the country. At the summit, Huawei’s corporate division presented the latest products and technologies, industry trends, and business opportunities for local partners.

The CEO of Huawei in Uzbekistan, Chen Jiakai, spoke about the company’s successes in building a favorable ecosystem and business growth plans in the country. He expressed that the aim is to integrate ICT technologies with various industries, advance digitization, and create value for all aspects of life.

The main focus of the summit was the effect of digital transformation on improving public services. Mr. Hong-Eng Koh, Chief Scientist of Global Public Sector at Huawei, highlighted the achievements of Uzbekistan in establishing a digital state and its rise in the UN E-Government Development Index.

Huawei is investing in the development and support of partners to create a beneficial ecosystem. The company is also putting a lot of emphasis on cultivating local digital talent through its Seeds for the Future initiative. As such, the Seeds for the Future 2023 project will begin in September this year and 15 students from 7 universities in Uzbekistan will take part. The project will be held in Doha (Qatar) with the support of the Huawei Regional Office for the Middle East and Central Asia.

N. Ziyodullayeva, UzA

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