Hengyuan Cement, a foreign enterprise with 3 million tons of cement production capacity, inaugurated in Kattakurgan district of Samarkand region

UZA News

A grand opening ceremony was held for Hengyuan Cement, a foreign enterprise with a yearly capacity of 3 million tons of cement, in Kattakurgan district of Samarkand region. Erkinjon Turdimov, the Hokim of Samarkand region, and Chinese partners attended the event and praised the strong and growing cooperation between Uzbekistan and China. During a meeting with a delegation from Jiangsu province, it was announced that the necessary conditions would be created in Kattakurgan district for entrepreneurs.

The Chinese investor stated that this project, which was implemented with the help of foreign direct investment worth $351 million, is the first of its kind in the district. In the future, the Chinese partners intend to build other enterprises. The plant, built on 38.5 hectares, was equipped with modern machinery imported from China. The yearly export capacity of the plant is estimated to be $82 million, and its products will be shipped to Europe and other countries.

The launch of the enterprise has created 600 new job opportunities. Golib Khasanov, UzA

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