Foreign Deposits of Different Currencies Up for Third Month in a Row in July


On Friday, the Bank of Korea (BOK) released data showing that foreign currency deposits had risen for the third consecutive month in July, with Japanese yen deposits being the primary contributor.

The total amount of foreign currency held by residents, which includes local citizens, foreigners staying in South Korea for more than six months and foreign companies, was $105 billion at the end of July, an increase of $5.17 billion from June. The data does not include interbank foreign currency deposits.

The amount of Japanese yen-denominated deposits rose by $830 million to $8.31 billion last month, with dollar-denominated deposits increasing by $4.42 billion to $87.86 billion and Chinese yuan-denominated deposits falling by $200 million to $1.38 billion.

Corporate deposits stood at $85.18 billion as of June, an increase of $2.51 billion from the previous month, and individual holdings rose by $530 million to $14.65 billion.

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