Food security – a pressing concern

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The International Institute for Central Asia recently held a roundtable discussion entitled “Central Asia: Global Process and Sustainable Development”. During an interview with UzA Correspondent, leading researcher of the Institute Nurmuhammad Bakhtiyorov spoke about the accomplishments of the Central Asian countries in terms of economic growth, as well as the urgent issue of food security.

– The roundtable was a great opportunity to discuss potential proposals and initiatives for further developing our countries, – he said. – Participants discussed the successes of the region’s countries and the factors that have contributed to their economic growth in recent years.

Experts noted that the world community highly supports and recognizes the policies of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev aimed at strengthening ties between the Central Asian countries and promoting good neighborly relations.

The region has the potential to turn mutually beneficial cooperation into a long-term partnership. The trade turnover between Uzbekistan and the Central Asian countries has increased significantly since 2016, particularly with Kazakhstan – doubled and Kyrgyzstan – increased by 7.5 times.

It was noted that the re-election of Shavkat Mirziyoyev as President will help to further inter-territorial cooperation in all areas and sustainable development of our countries.

During the roundtable, the participants discussed several problems, including the issue of food security in the region. The importance of joining forces to create a common food market was highlighted – an essential element in preventing potential threats.

It was also noted that using new, eco-friendly, and water-saving technologies will help to reduce production costs and positively impact the population’s ability to provide themselves with the necessary food.

Interviewed by Bekhruz Khudoyberdiyev, UzA

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