Preserving Jadidism History Through Museum Creation

UZA News

The Art and Culture Development Foundation of Uzbekistan is continuing its mission to create the first museum to honor Jadidism in Bukhara. During a meeting in Istanbul, the Foundation consulted with experts in the field, such as Professors Akhat Andijan and İsmail Türkoğlu and Dr. Zebiniso Kamalova. They also spoke with Timurkhoja, the son of Central Asian Jadid Usmankhoja Pulatkhojayev, who has pledged to donate his library to the museum.

The Foundation also reached an agreement with the leadership of the Directorate of National Palaces under the President of the Republic of Türkiye to enlist the help of leading Turkish restorers to restore the building of the Jadidism Museum.

Nazokat Usmanova, UzA

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