Experts from USAID Visit Syrdarya

UZA News

The Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center for Phthisiology and Pulmonology and its Syrdarya branch are actively working to maintain the population’s health and prevent non-specific lung diseases. This makes it possible to protect people from tuberculosis infection and treat patients as needed.

The services given to these patients are free of charge, and the State budget covers the expenses through the State Health Insurance Fund.

USAID experts, headed by M. Kaliyev, and representatives of the State Health Insurance Fund visited Syrdarya to observe the work being done in this area and share their knowledge.

During the visit, a workshop was held for industry staff on “Funding a TB dispensary”. The workers were given advice regarding the high costs of admission and treatment of patients and the proper utilization of allocated funds.

The participants also discussed the reimbursement program implemented in the center, its Syrdarya branch, and its advantages. They offered suggestions for further improving the work in this direction.

Sh.Suyarov, UzA

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