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An “Uzbek Chapter”: Eleven masters symbolizing Uzbekistan’s traditional arts and crafts are among the superb artisans of the world featured in the renowned Homo Faber Guide.

The guide also offers an introduction to the activities of the renowned ceramist Abdulvakhid Bukhari. He began working with clay as a youngster, forming toys in his birthplace in the Bukhara region. Later he shifted to Tashkent, where he studied at the Art College and the National Institute of Art and Design.

Abdulvakhid always had a fondness for antique ceramics and spent much time in museums. Nowadays, he is particularly interested in working with national heritage, utilizing local materials, and reviving traditional patterns and techniques. He frequently takes part in restoration projects and helps to maintain cultural heritage sites.

The master crafts unique items, drawing inspiration from history and national traditions, and is searching for a balance between modernity and universal values, uniting beauty and moderation.

Now facts about Abdulvakhid Bukhari is featured in the Homo Faber Guide. This has been reported by the Art and Culture Development Foundation under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Nazokat Usmanova, UzA

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