Commemoration of the 1050th Anniversary of Abu Rayhan Beruni’s Birth with an Exhibition

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A photo exhibition has been launched at the Tashkent House of Photography to mark the 1050th anniversary of the renowned scholar and scientist Abu Rayhan Beruni’s birth.
The event was organized by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan National News Agency – UzA, and the National Archive of Film and Photo Documents of Uzbekistan.
Abu Rayhan Beruni was a preeminent figure of the Middle Ages, having authored numerous works on history, geography, philology, astronomy, mathematics, mechanics, geodesy, mineralogy, pharmacology, geology, and other disciplines which are still studied today.
He was a polyglot, possessing fluency in his native language as well as Arabic, Sogdian, Persian, Syriac, Greek, and Hebrew, and had even picked up Sanskrit during his time in India.
The exhibition includes the work of photojournalists from the Uzbekistan National News Agency on “Abu Rayhan Beruni”, as well as images from the film “Abu Rayhan Beruni” from the National Archive of Film and Photo Documents of Uzbekistan, which depict the life and accomplishments of the great scientist, the monument to Abu Rayhan Beruni in the city of Beruni, and the streets named after him in Tashkent. It also showcases photographs of professors and students, the scientific activities of the Institute of Oriental Studies named after Abu Rayhan Beruni of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and samples of archival photocopies of portraits and busts of the brilliant scientist.
Nazokat Usmanova, UzA

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