Eight Automakers to Recall Over 14,000 Cars for Defective Parts


On Wednesday, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced that Kia Corp., Mercedes-Benz Korea, and six other automakers would be voluntarily recalling more than 14,000 vehicles due to faulty components.

The companies, including Jaguar Land Rover Korea, Volkswagen Group Korea, Toyota Motor Korea Co., GM Korea Co., Tesla Korea, and GM Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters Ltd., are recalling a total of 14,057 units of 21 different models.

The reasons for the recall include a faulty wiring of the rear-wheel-drive controlling system in Kia’s all-electric EV9 SUV, a faulty gearbox part in GM Korea’s Traverse SUV and Cadillac XT5 sedan, and a faulty front camera system in Tesla’s Model S.

Vehicle owners can go to www.car.go.kr or call 080-357-2500 to see if their vehicle is subject to the recall.

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