Dipti Vijayakar Wins ‘Young Women Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award for Kazbee- The Ethnic Lounge

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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 22 (ANI/Heylin Spark): Dipti Vijayakar and her clothing label, ‘Kazbee- The Ethnic Lounge’, have been awarded the prestigious ‘Young Women Entrepreneur of the Year’ award by Transformance Forums.
Designing apparel that is both comfortable and eye-catching is a skill only a few fashion designers possess. Dipti Vijayakar combines intricate designs with fashion artistry to create her unique Zari Kazbee Collections.
Her designs blend traditional beauty with modern elements, creating a fashionable statement. Initially a passion project, Kazbee- The Ethnic Lounge has become Dipti’s dream of showcasing her creative powers. From a 100sq ft garage to a boutique shop in Mumbai, she has made Kazbee a hub for designers. Their expertise in authentic and embroidered bridal wear makes them stand out in the market.

As a women entrepreneur, Dipti focuses on empowering her clients with her stylish designs. Each piece is hand-tailored to perfection, and has contributed to her growth in the business world. Her mission is to illuminate, simplify, clarify, modify, dignify, dramatize, persuade, and perhaps even to stupefy the world with her fashion statements.
Inspired by Mumbai’s thousand year old culture, Dipti created Kazbee, an authentic Zari collection crafted with embroidered perfection. She says, “Kazbee is an attempt to keep the culture of the city alive. Just like the old architectural marvels of Mumbai, the entire Kazbee collection is timeless. New trends come and go, but they all have the sophistication of the past. Kazbee brings the culture of Pathare Prabhus and the Parsees community, making it both dignified and decorous.”
Since its launch in 2013, Dipti and Kazbee have established a strong name in the fashion industry. They have a successful online and offline store, and Dipti can be contacted through her Instagram and website. She prioritizes client feedback and maintains a good relationship with her customers. Dipti Vijayakar is an inspiration for women entrepreneurs looking to find their calling in the fashion industry.
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