Digitalization of Hydrocarbon Fields Achieved by Uzbekneftegaz

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The Uzbekneftegaz JSC is implementing a concept of a digital field, with 3D modeling of hydrocarbon fields, digitalization, and a single database of available geological and technical data being introduced since 2019. To accommodate this, a modern Modeling Center was created in the Open Space format. On August 11, Uzbekneftegaz organized a press tour to inform media representatives of the Center’s activities and plans for the future.

At the event, the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC Bekhzod Usmanov spoke of the advantages of the modeling and digitalization system. He noted that the data used to be stored on paper, but now they are digitalized. This Center plays an essential role in achieving success in the oil and gas sector and the successful organization of geological events. The main task is to drill new wells, and this year 123 new mines are being developed. The E-kon project is being implemented to monitor the gas production process at each field online.

By 2019-2023, the Modeling Center had digitized about 470 thousand geological and technical data on 7200 wells, the results of 44 thousand geophysical surveys on 1400 wells, and 750 seismic data. This created a unified national database of the oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan. Digital 3D geological and hydrodynamic models have been developed and phased into production. The placement of more than 150 wells at the Quyi Sharqiy Berdaq, Quyi Surgil, Shurtan, Dengizkul, Alan, Tegirmon, Kulbeshkak, Doyakhotin, and other fields was revised, reducing production risks from 40-45 percent to 5-10 percent.

The participants of the event also visited the Uzlitineftgaz JSC. At the meeting, Ulugbek Nazarov, Chairman of the Board of the company, informed about the E-kon project for the digitalization of deposits and the expected results.

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