Continuing a Peaceful Foreign Policy and Developing Collaboration with Other Nations and International Organizations

UZA News

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has highlighted the most important tasks during his meetings with voters, such as raising the standard of living of citizens and continuing a peaceful foreign policy.

The past seven years have seen Uzbekistan appear in a new light to the world, with foreign countries and international organizations changing their attitude towards our nation. Our rankings and indices have improved, and our friendly relations with neighboring countries have reached a new level.

The current era calls for furthering this work, and the President has reiterated the need for maintaining friendly relations and collaboration with countries near and far in all areas. The world is facing difficult times, and the Head of our state has made it clear that our primary goal is to strengthen the independence, inviolability of borders, and territorial integrity of Uzbekistan.

What must be done to achieve this goal?

The tasks have been identified. The first is to provide the national army with modern weapons and military equipment by 2030 to enhance the power, defense capability, and military potential of our Armed Forces. The second is to increase the morale and potential of the troops, to train highly qualified military personnel, and to provide social and legal protection. The third is to turn military power and high spiritual potential into two powerful pillars of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan. The fourth is to create the necessary conditions for the education of military personnel, our children studying in schools, technical schools, and higher education institutions, and all our youth as a whole, based on our history and the heritage of our ancestors.

The President has also highlighted the importance of uniting the younger generation in the spirit of love and loyalty to the Motherland, and respect for national and universal values. A special program has been created to help achieve this goal, which will lead to improved opportunities for youth to express themselves in all aspects.

Qutbiddin Burkhonov,

Chairman of the Senate Committee for Defense and Security 


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