Construction of New Tashkent

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The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan has issued a Resolution to create a new city on 19,720.9 hectares of land in the Yuqorichirchiq and Urtachirchiq districts of Tashkent region. Three companies, Meinhardt Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), Foster and Partners (UK), and OMA (Netherlands) have been enlisted to oversee the project and have already begun. The Directorate for the Creation of the city of New Tashkent will be established by September 1, 2023 and will be responsible for developing a master plan, sectoral plans, and target programs for the city’s development. The Directorate will also be responsible for negotiating with investors, selecting them, concluding contracts with them, and controlling their implementation. Furthermore, they will be the customer for the construction of social facilities, engineering and communication networks, road and transport infrastructure. Domestic and foreign companies with extensive experience in the construction of modern houses will be invited with mandatory instructions on the use of modern methods, energy-efficient technologies, and building materials. Until January 1, 2027, the Directorate, investors, the general project, and general contractors will be exempt from paying customs duties on construction machinery, equipment, components, and spare parts imported from abroad. Presentation events and a comprehensive advertising campaign in local and foreign media and on the Internet to attract potential investors will also be organized.

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