Cafes offering traditional flatbread on the route from Bishkek to Issyk-Kul will be relocated in September

AKIpress News Agency

AKIPRESS.COM – The relocation of popular catering businesses in the village of Cholok, located on the route from Bishkek to Issyk-Kul, has been postponed until September 1, 2024.

The local administration of Kyzyl-Oktiabr confirmed that business owners have been given the opportunity to continue operating until September 1.

The businesses have been offered a new location for their facilities, which will be 100 meters away from the village of Cholok, at the entrance from Bishkek. This new location will include dining rooms and retail spaces.

The delay in relocation is a result of a directive from President Sadyr Japarov, as stated by Ira Chotkaraeva, one of the business owners. “We were initially told to move in March-April, but we appealed to President Sadyr Japarov and he instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to allow us to operate until September. We are grateful for this decision and will continue to work until September 1, after which we will relocate,” she said.

However, the closure of a U-turn at the 124 km mark of the Bishkek-Naryn-Torugart highway presents challenges for both businesses and customers. “Even if we were to move to the new location, the road is closed and it is not a very promising place for a business,” Chotkaraeva explained.

The current cafes, known for their popular Kyrgyz traditional flatbread kattama, have been facing safety concerns due to their proximity to the railway. According to authorities, the cafes use gas cylinders near the railway track, park cars for unloading food products nearby, and children often play close to the railway track. In addition, water is brought in through makeshift means, sanitary standards are not being met, and there is scattered garbage and an improperly constructed septic tank.

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