Breaking News: ICJ to Take Action on Israel Genocide Allegations, Libya Flood Repair Bill, and Leprosy Stigma

United Nations

Since October 7, when Israel launched a military campaign against Hamas, Gaza health authorities have reported over 25,700 deaths and 63,740 injuries. In response, South Africa has asked the UN’s principal court, the ICJ, to take provisional measures to protect the rights of Palestinians under the Genocide Convention.

The requested measures include suspending Israel’s military operations in Gaza and taking all necessary steps to prevent genocide. Israel has argued that their actions are in self-defense and that granting provisional measures would hinder their ability to defend their citizens.

In other news, the UN has estimated that the repair bill for last September’s catastrophic flooding in Libya is $1.8 billion. The UN Support Mission in Libya has stressed the importance of building resilient homes and infrastructure in the recovery process.

Finally, top UN human rights experts have called for increased support and healthcare for those affected by leprosy, a disease that still affects millions of people worldwide. They have urged governments and international organizations to prioritize the rights and needs of those with leprosy, particularly children, the elderly, women, and marginalized groups.

These urgent issues will continue to be addressed by the ICJ and UN in the coming months, with the hope of finding solutions and providing aid to those in need.

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