Agreement Signed to Construct and Manage Hazelnut Farms in Uzbekistan

UZA News

‘s Ministry of Agriculture representative, said that the agreement would help the country’s economy by creating jobs and boosting agricultural production.

Agrarco and the Ministry of Agriculture of Uzbekistan have arrived at a deal to embark on a venture involving the production and handling of hazelnuts. This was proclaimed during the President’s visit to Azerbaijan on August 22.

Hazelnuts are a lucrative crop, with the potential of yielding 2-3 tons of nuts per hectare with an average of 600 plants per hectare. Each bush can generate 8-10 kilograms of nuts and can reach a height of 2-4 meters, with the fruits ripening from August to October.

Mukhayyo Toshqorayeva, UzA’s Ministry of Agriculture representative, stated that the agreement would benefit the nation’s economy by generating employment and increasing agricultural production.

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