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Camels, known as the vessels of the desert, are still highly appreciated today as faithful companions of humans and a source of income. Notably, these creatures adapted to life in parched areas can bear loads of up to 300-400 kilograms. Their milk has medicinal properties.

This is also mentioned in the work of Abu Ali ibn Sina “The Canon of Medical Science”. Camel milk is used to treat several illnesses, such as tuberculosis, digestive system disorders, and diabetes mellitus. The fur of these animals is usually trimmed in the spring. Thick and long fur protects camels from the summer heat and winter cold. Items made of camel wool are widely sought after because they preserve body heat and possess healing properties.

When you visit the villages of Tomdi district of Navoi region, you will come across a caravan of camels. This is because the majority of the local inhabitants are involved in raising these animals. When we saw the camels, we took pictures of them.


Photos by Siroj Aslonov, UzA

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